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Who We Are.

Room. is first and foremost a COMMUNITY of Professionals of Color.

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Our Value.

Our value comes from empowering and advocating for our membership while building relationships with employers who not only do the same but share in our vision to: 

Bridge the gap between BIPOC and their historic, yet partitioned, allies: Advocacy, Government, and Political institutions.

Increase the number of  professionals of color within our industries.

Create real change in every American community by guaranteeing People Of Color agency over the national legislation and conversations that affect us most. 

What We Do.

Provide a variety of services that connect Employers and Professionals of Color.


Job posting to our Room. community.



Customized DEI assessment, planning, and placement .

Opportunities to cultivate "green" or "green-to-politics" talent.

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What This Means For You.

Consistent reliable access to a diverse pipeline of qualified candidates who are currently looking.

Support and direction as you lean into your values and work towards your DEI goals.

The opportunity to make measurable meaningful change.

Connect With Us.

We look forward to learning more about how we can help you build strong diverse teams.

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